If you have a material sample and need it analysed quickly, the Asbestos Testing Lab Analysis Service is all you need.

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your Lab Results :

  • Select the number of samples you want tested on the right and make your purchase
  • Download and print the Information Sheets after checkout and complete your details
  • Place your sample(s) into a sealed bag (a sealed food bag is ideal) or container
  • Send your samples
  • Receive your results in just 24 hours

Sending a sample for analysis means you want to know if it has asbestos in it and if it does, which type?
Polarising Light Microscopy (PLM) is the industry wide preferred standard method for the analysis of materials suspected to contain asbestos.
If asbestos is present in your sample, PLM will find it and you will receive your EPA Accredited Lab Result by email in 24 hours.

Our Customer's Results

No Asbestos Detected In Sample 46%
White Asbestos 35%
Brown / Blue Asbestos 19%